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At NPI/Medical, part geometry and quality is never compromised during the molding process- unlike other “rapid” molding processes where additional draft or radii may be required. Our CAD engineers design all of our mold halves using CNC machined EDM to burn or wire in critical mold geometry that cannot be milled. The difference is our parts are molded to our true CAD geometry, 100% of your design intent- always. You don’t need to compromise by adding various fillets or radii, or make any concessions for added draft and feature relief. If it’s moldable we can mold it.

Selecting the Right Tooling & Molding Options

NPI/Medical understands high quality parts cannot be manufactured using a standard “black box” tooling approach. Our DynaClass® Tooling System offers four levels of tooling to match your program’s needs, to quickly turn your engineering concepts into superior injection molded parts. Depending on your program we have developed multiple solutions to match your specific requirements.

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Press is Ready

Whether you need high or low volume production parts, our 66,000 square foot facility can accommodate your project. We house 41 presses ranging from 28 – 300 ton capacity, 8 injection molding machines with 25 to 165 ton capacity, and high speed CNC machines. We also offer precise wire and sinker EDM machinery, ideal for machining extremely hard materials with tight tolerances, small internal radii and complex shapes that cannot be machined by any other method. Using up-to-date real time (RT) production monitoring, your projects status is available 24/7 with supplementary analytics.

Refine as Needed

One tool, multiple modifications. You own the tool- you can transfer or adjust it to your program’s specifications. Our flexibility works to accommodate your requirements, insuring a smooth transition from one project to the next.

Collaboration = Streamlined Production

As your program progresses to the validation and production phases knowledge gained about critical features and required tolerances will influence how we propose bridge or production manufacturing solutions. This means you get the lowest risk, most efficient and economical options moving forward.

Stated Simply: Our collaborative approach, plus our ability to take you from prototype to production in-house, enables us to avoid surprises while shortening the product development lifecycle.

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