Redefining the Supply Chain

Accelerating New Product Introductions while redefining the supply chain

Our Approach

Medical device OEM’s face intense market pressures to consolidate their supply chains and drive down costs. A well designed supply chain network can significantly improve margins, support expansion into new markets, enhance the customer experience, and reduce operating costs.

NPI/Medical’s solution to these pressures is to redefine traditional supply chain management through optimized processed aimed at efficiency and continuous improvement. Our streamlined approach brings cost reductions, consolidation of your supplier base, and faster product launch utilizing a speed-to-market approach.

We understand managing and optimizing your supply chain is critical for the seamless execution of the entire New Product Introduction (NPI) lifecycle from initial design to manufacture in a cost effective and accelerated manner.

For example, NPI/Medical offers kitting from Prototype to Production (P2P) for its medical device customers to accommodate all phases of the NPI lifecycle. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations and maintain hard delivery times whether a product is shipped to forecast or on a demand driven basis without anticipated time lines. By maintaining set or anticipated forecasting via inventory storage, the result customers’ receive is significant cost savings for product distribution. Following production, the challenges of strategic sourcing, procurement, fulfillment, and distribution are all handled by NPI/Medical.

Summary of benefits:

NPI/Medical’s supply chain optimization is focused on Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and KANBAN.

NPI Supply Chain Chart
VMI Advantages include:
  • Pull from inventory as needed, and have available inventory on hand to satisfy a spike in demand.
  • Reduced shipping charges- larger shipments from NPI/Medical to the VMI are spread out over larger time periods, as opposed to more frequent smaller shipments to the end customer.
  • Improved cash flow- since the customer isn’t invoiced until they pull from the managed inventory, they can keep a certain amount of stock nearby their plant without the stock being completely depleted.
  • Improved project management and quality support- we train our VMI’s to become experts in your parts, so while warehousing your inventory they also operate as an extension of our team, providing inspection services as well as working with us on product support.

For process improvement and elimination of waste NPI/Medical practices Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles.

The Six Sigma methodology involves a five-step process called DMAIC:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

Our project managers define a challenge, measure the variations, analyze the results, improve and control the process to eliminate variation. At NPI/Medical, multiple solutions exist for improving your supply chain! Come to us with challenges and we will provide the right solution.

Let NPI/Medical redefine your supply chain.

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