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Anything but Prototypical™

Using horizontal, vertical or shuttle machines, NPI/Medical offers traditional injection molding in hydraulic and electronic options. All machines are equipped to our IQMS ERP system for real-time monitoring of your job. NPI/Medical can produce multi- material, multi-shot molding to ensure your entire programs needs are met. NPI/Medical offers full medical production molding capabilities in:

Clean Room Molding and Assembly


Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (“DFM”) is a key differentiator for customers, most of which require tight tolerances and sophisticated manufacturing and tool designs.

Our DFM solutions aide by:

ISSUES INSPECTION We identify mold-flow problems before tool manufacturing begins

MATERIALS ADVISING We help ensure the appropriate type of material for the project

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Performing comparative analysis on in-house plastic CNC machining vs. tooling

SOLUTION OPTIMIZATION Providing optimum manufacturing and assembly solutions

NPI/Medical has a dedicated vertical market organization structure coupled with multiple layers of technical expertise to support each phase of customer programs. Tool build can be done in-house or outsourced depending upon the nature of the program and parts. We also adhere to a structured new product launch process, a formal design review, a comprehensive requirements checklist and validation procedures- all via modern tool design and mold flow software. NPI/Medical prides itself on its team of employees who commit to provide exceptional customer service, quickly turning your engineering concepts into fully validable molded components and assemblies.

VAS (Value Added Services) & Capabilities

NPI/Medical offers a full range of value added services including:

Clean Room Molding and Assembly Certifications

All of our clean rooms are certified by Certification and Calibration Services, Inc. an organization certified with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau for testing cleanrooms. CCS, Inc. is also a member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST), and their procedures are in compliance with current IEST, NEBB, and ISO standards.

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