How NPI/Medical Optimized the Supply
Chain for a Life Sciences Company

Meeting the challenges of supply chain optimization is best achieved by working with a supplier that has the capabilities to take a new product seamlessly from design to manufacture, while delivering product to customers in the fastest, most cost-effective manner possible.

This approach calls for dedicated commitment and a continuous, end-to-end relationship on the part of both customer and supplier — and it’s what NPI/Medical takes pride in delivering.

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A major supplier of laboratory products and services in the life sciences segment was in need of a single-source supplier. The company experienced significant problems with its existing molder of silicone disposables and needed to find a new partner who could execute the program.

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NPI/Medical’s relationship with our new life sciences client began with prototyping parts. Prior to finding a single-source supplier, our life-sciences client had six suppliers, all of whom had various limitations, whether it was lack of warehouse space, lack of suitable assembly skills or limited in-house molding.

Due to these limitations, the company needed a new supplier who could mold, assemble, package, decorate and ship kits as needed per set or anticipated forecast.

npi medical device case study 2 page image 4 supply chain optimization

Upon successful completion, we progressed to providing higher volume, full-scale production molding, in addition to:

  • // Molding other components
  • // Assembling
  • // Decoration
  • // Kitting
  • // Maintaining inventory for just-in-time (JIT) delivery
  • // Procuring filters, tubes and other parts
  • // Labeling
  • // Packaging
  • // Fullfillment
  • // Shipment to distribution centers
npi medical device case study 2 page image 5 clean room assembly
npi medical device case study 2 page image 6 quality inspection
Today, NPI/Medical continues to serve as this life-sciences organization’s single-source supplier, producing about 60 percent of required parts and strategically sourcing other components.

This mutually beneficial relationship and our streamlined approach to supply chain management continue to bring our customers reduced operation costs, reduced time-to-market and flexible product completion.


// 25,000

diagnostic kits produced to date

// 20%

reduction in product costs to date

// 1 Supplier

moved from six suppliers to one supplier

npi medical device case study 2 page image 7 tooling molding production

NPI Medical